Swan Migration

Swan Migration Trip
Swan Migration: In the springtime many Alaska Peninsula nesting Tundra swans build their nests along the Naknek River and thousands of these majestic birds migrate to the waters in front of Fox Bay Lodge preferring our section of wide, slow-moving river.

The Audubon Society calls the Upper Naknek River an “important bird area” because of its rich eco system and it’s one of the first bodies of freshwater to open each spring. With a variety of aquatic vegetation, invertebrates, smelt, salmon smolt, and lamprey it’s a veritable buffet for the Tundra swans. On the Naknek waterfowl migrate and congregate in the spring, and are around in their greatest numbers from Grassy Point to Rapids Camp. Shorebirds are commonly found at the rapids, and can be viewed from our decks at Fox Bay Lodge.

Tundra swans travel, forage and roost in large flocks. During their nesting season, Tundra swans mainly forage in shallow lakes and slow moving water by dabbling at the surface of the water with its head dipped down. They also will upend with their tail up in order to reach up to 3 feet below the surface. What they are feeding on is stems, seeds and the roots of aquatic plants.

Listen for the sounds of the characteristic whistling in their wings while you spend time with an expert nature photographer or migratory bird expert watching and photographing Tundra swans and other spring migrating waterfowl.

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