King Salmon

Naknek Chinook

Naknek Chinook

King Salmon

  • Average kings 15-35 pounds—can get above 50 pounds!
  • Daily limit 1 per day, 1 in possession (annual limit 5 kings)
  • Troll plugs and cast spoons from our comfortable boats
  • Great-eating fish to take home, highest fat content of all salmon

Catch Big King Salmon

King salmon (Chinook): The crushing take of your lure by a majestic king salmon will make your heart pound. The pure power of this salmon emperor will be like nothing you’ve experienced and your jaw may hit the bottom of the boat as our guides expertly net your fish. Fish king salmon on the Naknek River from about mid-June through late July with Fox Bay Lodge.

Fishing for kings is great fun. We use propeller boats to access salmon migration lanes on the Naknek River and our guides know how to find the best Chinook holding water. Fish for kings using standard big-water salmon tactics like back-bouncing and back-trolling plugs.

The daily limit on the Naknek River for Chinook is 1 king per person per day up to 5 per season. The average king salmon on the Naknek River weighs between 15 and 35 pounds and a big king in this river can reach over 50 pounds. Guests appreciate that the king run is among the best in Alaska without the high angler pressure.

You’ll marvel at these huge salmon that offer a fishing fight like no other and are among the finest eating fish in the world. Their oily flesh makes for some of the most moist and delicate-tasting fish known. When properly cared for and cooked just right it is at the very top end of delicious proteins and it ranks high for healthy eating.

See the current Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulations for the most up-to-date information.


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